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We are an online skills development platform where anybody from any corner of the world can approach us anytime to hone his or her skills in almost any field. Be it arts, music, photography, freelancing, business, or anything else that you need help with then you come straight to us. We assure you that we can guide to the right resources. However, if you think you cannot find what you are looking for with us, please feel free to let us know what is it that you are looking for and we shall direct you towards your goal.
We ensure that none of our students is disappointed when it comes to learning. For this, we focus on:

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Here you can update yourself on the latest skills that your peers are using in your current industry. Your reasons to sharpen your existing skills or learn new ones could be many. While for some a long sabbatical may be the reason, others may just want to get ahead in their game. Whatever your reason is, we are here to help you discover new possibilities by opening up new opportunities. We even offer several different ways to help you connect with other experts in your field of interest, which will give the learning a more practical approach.
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How To Capture A Perfect Shot In Low Lights


There was a time when photos were taken only during the day and movie scenes were shot only when there was ample lighting. This is because photos or shots taken in low lights, especially post-sunset do not turn out to be great. In fact, you do not get to identify images in the photo that are taken in low lights. People started using a lot of light to make the images in the photos appear bright. However, you cannot just go around carrying the necessary lighting infrastructure just so you can capture a nice quiet dinner for two in a photo.

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Then with the invention of flash, cameras could produce better images. Nevertheless, some not-so-expert photographers end up messing the photo with excessive flash and red-eye problems. You might think that if however, you had a great camera like a DSLR, a 40-megapixel smartphone camera, or any other high-quality image producing cameras, you could end up taking some great pictures but this not entirely true.

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Although a good camera is essential for producing images of great picture quality, it takes some good amount of photography skills to create and capture a beautiful moment. That is where businesses like Wetzel Law Firm Biloxi come into the picture. They bring out the best in you based on some inherent skills and others that can be inculcated. With that note, here are some tips on how you can capture a wonderful low light moment and turn into the most beautiful and brightest memory using your camera and skills in photography.

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Tips if you are using your smartphone camera

With phone cameras having up to 41-megapixels of resolution, most people prefer to capture images with their phones, as it is easier and convenient. Hence, ensure to follow these tips while using your phone camera.
Always use a high-resolution camera. Today, several phones are available that varies in its pixel offerings. Hence, higher the resolution better with the image quality and clarity.

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Camera aspect ratio

Pay attention to the camera's aspect ratio. Altering the aspect ratio will result in cropped images with lower resolution, which you do not want. Therefore, avoid switching the default aspect ratio as long as the settings portray most of the background.
Always leave the shutter open, especially for low light images in order to capture a sharp and better-focussed picture.

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Phone camera

Hold your phone camera in a steady position and maintain full exposure. This can be easily achieved by focusing the phone on the subject and then tapping on the screen to adjust the focus to get the right exposure. You can also rely on your phone's exposure compensation tools to get the perfect shot.
Always opt for manual mode, especially when shooting in low light, as this makes it easy for you to make the necessary adjustments such as the exposure, shutter speed, focus, and the ISO. Read More>>


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White balance settings

Shoot on a stable surface. You will notice that most photos when clicked on a phone camera appear shaky or blurry. TO avoid this, place the phone on a stable surface to prevent such mishaps. Although your phone may be equipped with stabilization settings, manual stabilization will ensure perfection in low lights.
Check the white balance settings on your phone while shooting in low light. It is important to get the picture taken in all its glory using natural light even while shooting in low light. For this, you could check the white balance on your phone and adjust the settings manually.

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Try shooting low light images without using a flash. Although many of us tend to do the opposite, some low light photos appear better without the use of flash because this will enhance the appeal of the background making the subject fit naturally into the background. Hence, it is better to use natural environmental light whenever possible.

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Tips if you are using a DSLR or similar camera

Although some of the above points are applicable to a DSLR camera, here is a detailed look into this segment.
Pay attention to the lens. Always use a fast and prime lens that has excellent aperture settings.
Make use of a tripod to get stable pictures, especially while shooting blurry low light images.
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Make sure to slow down the shutter speed, as this makes it possible to get the best sharp images in less than a second. Do not play with the settings often. Use a camera with high ISO settings to capture low light images fast. Once again, focus on the exposure. Longer the exposure better will be the picture. Although you may find this annoying, experts recommend capturing low light events using burst mode rather than continuous clicks. Always maintain focus on the principal object while shooting in low light. Most importantly, opt for manual mode while taking photos in low lights.

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